Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dammit!! Why That I missed him so???

It has been few weeks that I tried very hard to forget about him. Him who took my heart away and crushed it. Him who said that he loves me so much, at the end that I know he doesn't understand what's the real meaning of love. He who adored me for who I am, but only GOD knows how well he acted. Yes, in so many ways, he has changed my perception of man and love..

Maybe he is sick, sick inside that he even didn't even realize that he is sick. He has been looking for love for all these while before he met me. He abandon his love for his family looking for peace, happiness and joy outside, but at the end he realize that it was not what he's looking for. And he will be always been looking for something that he, himself don't even know what's completed him.

From the way i observed him, his heart comes from a broken pieces, nobody could completed him. Every women in his life somehow hold and carry some part of him. I think that includes me too. Confused whether to blame everything on him, or accepting him for what he is? Girls, when you come across with someone like this, first you have to know that with whom you been dealing with.

I been there, and I matter how much I give in will never be enough for him. Because he didn't how much is enough for him..he is the slave for his own hunger..

It is not totally his fault, maybe the way he is brought up in his life..lack of attention and love. Or maybe the wrong set of idol that he has been set for himself, I don't know..only him and GOD knows...

Deeply inside, I love him and I cared for him..but nothing I can do. I was hurt, hurt by his deeds, and words. until today...everything still fresh in my head. I pray that this pain will stop on day but honestly, it will take me sometimes to heal from this heartbreak.


Why is it today, i miss him so??????? Why?!! Sick isn't it? I was missing for all those charm and cared. DAmmmitttt!!! GOD please help heart has been painfully broken, but why, why i missed him so? he took away everything that i own once, MY HEART, but why..???

DAmmit!!! Life must go on...and I've started mine...I have to be strong!!

Chenta Hearty

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