Monday, January 4, 2010

Heart That pray

Well..I start my day very early in the morning..panicking with insecurities and lack of self sister manage to sit down with me encourage me to go on and be brave. I've been there, and I know that somehow or rather I need to do this..I need to be ready and face the world again. This time I determine to do it right. This time, I won't let anybody put me down..This time, I will stand on my own feet..This time, I will give them back in their face!

My conscious is clear, I don't want to hurt anyone..My heart is lighten by accepting the truth. Knowing that there is higher and greater power, and to Allah I surrender my hatred heart, my beyond pain..May it will heal by time..I pray that I will be able to forgive and forget..

This is life, sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down..we are paddling our own life..whether that you want it or still have to live your life, and life goes on..

Love? Yes..i Still want to believe in love...true love only comes to whom who believe in it. Say that i am living in my least i live..this is the color of my life..

Be brave...

Ms Chenta Hearty

1 comment:

.Dila Yusof. said...

keep it up sis!!..yg lepas biarkn lepas..learn from the past..nti jgn buat blk..

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